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You want to use the data contained in your PLCs, know your causes of production downtimes / see eliminate manual entries ... We offer you flexible solutions adapted to your needs. Our expertise is in data acquisition and analysis contained in your process / your machines / your equipments. This expertise then allows us to maximize the potential of your data to help you increase your productivity and efficiency.

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We help both SMEs and large corporations to achieve their business objectives by implementing personalized and affordable solutions. Improved productivity, energy savings and increased profits are among the benefits our customers have come to expect.

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Led by a highly skilled team with know-how in electrical engineering, industrial data processing and automation, we have developed solid expertise in real-time data acquisition and analysis. Our rigorous process in the areas of data collection, archiving and analysis allows us to optimize business performance in a variety of sectors: pulp and paper, petrochemicals, telecommunications, chemicals, etc.

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