Hulix, your performance optimization specialist

Performance optimization is the driving force behind each and every one of our solutions. So what is performance optimization, exactly? At Hulix, it means making sure that your processes and equipment are operating as efficiently as possible. How do we make it happen? By following a rigorous process.

collecteStep 1: Data collection

First, we use various instruments to collect data on your processes and machines, because before you can optimize, you have to measure! With this data, we can determine your current operating method.

archivageStep 2: Data archiving

Next, we archive the information in order to consolidate, aggregate and contextualize it. This step allows us to validate the quality of the data and prepare the next step: data analysis.

analyseStep 3: Data analysis

Finally, we analyze the data. At this stage, our team can work with yours. We provide the tools, such as a dashboard and performance indicators, so that you can monitor your processes and machinery and identify behaviours and events that undermine your company’s performance.

We provide the information, you take action!

You can now access all the real-time data you need to implement corrective measures and reap the benefits. Having access to real-time data translates into watching your operations "live," making decisions on the spot, and witnessing instant results. Problem? With Hulix, you can see it, fix it and enjoy the solution without delay!

We capture your data and make it talk

bouteilleReal-time data acquisition and analysis technologies are at the root of all our solutions, giving you the ability to be active, instead of reactive.

Data acquisition: real-time measurements

A leader in data acquisition, our team has the tools and know-how to conduct real-time measurements of:

  • Production processes
  • Industrial consumables (water, gas, waste, etc.)
  • And other aspects of your business activities

With our vast expertise in electrical engineering, industrial data processing and automation, we look after the deployment of our solutions from A to Z, including sensor installation and data analysis and reporting. Our expertise puts us in a position to offer customized solutions, either permanent or temporary, that meet your company’s unique needs.

Our systems are designed using internationally recognized real-time data acquisition and archiving systems, including the OSIsoft PI System and Ignition from Inductive Automation. We are also an integrator of Kepware products..

Data analysis: calculations and results in real time

The first step toward optimizing your company’s performance is to collect machine and process data. The next step, data analysis, makes sense of the information so that you can make informed decisions and take action to improve your performance.

For real-time automated analysis, we use MATLAB by Mathworks, a world-renowned tool designed to analyze data, develop algorithms and create models and applications. This tool allows us to:

  • Analyze the behaviour of electric motors to prevent breakdowns
  • Analyze your process performance
  • Recognize and report patterns
  • And perform a variety of analyses based on your business activities

These analysis modules are included with our solutions, or you can select the ones you want and integrate them into your own system. With Hulix, you can use your data however it suits you!

Hulix benefits businesses in all sectors

mineOne of the great strengths of our solutions is their smooth implementation in all types of work environments, not to mention the resulting benefits. Since our foundation, we’ve been a driving force behind improved performance in a multitude of industries, and we’re always ready and willing to study new sectors in both the public and private domain with a view to making our solutions available to as many people as possible.

Pulp and paper

No matter your business sector, contact us today! We offer a free initial consultation for a clear picture of how our expertise can benefit your company.