Increase your profitability with our solutions

Investing is easy when you know it’ll pay off! Take a quick look at our solutions designed to adapt to your business needs and help you make informed decisions about the profitability of your activities: downtime management, preventive maintenance, real-time integration of production data into an ERP system and real-time dashboards.

gestion temps d arretDowntime Management

What if you could finally solve your performance problems? Our downtime management solution allows you to detect and measure downtime that occurs during the production process in real time. It indicates exactly when a machine shuts down, how long it remains inactive, and when it starts up again. No more guesswork; our solution provides the answer. With this detailed information, you can target the cause of downtime and take corrective action. Minimizing downtime: now that’s a wise strategy for maximizing production! Think about it: it’s also the perfect tool for managing your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Team up with Hulix and increase your productivity.

maintenance preventivePreventive Maintenance

What if you could go from “reactive” to “proactive”? Avoid equipment failures thanks to our preventive maintenance solution, which detects anomalies in your equipment, such as abnormal vibrations and over-consumption of energy. Armed with this knowledge, you can perform preventive maintenance before your equipment breaks down. With our solution, your facilities are safe. Just imagine, instead of putting out fires, spend your time forecasting and planning. We all know that performing preventive maintenance is much more cost-effective than changing parts in an emergency situation. Bring Hulix on board and minimize unexpected costs.

integration de donneesReal-Time Integration of Production Data into an ERP system

What if you could save time by automating your business processes? We propose real-time transmission of your production data directly into your ERP. Say goodbye to manual data entry and the errors that come with it! This extremely reliable solution can be applied to a multitude of processes. For example, end product quality test results are automatically integrated into your ERP to create a certificate of compliance; ERP recipe transferred directly into your process ERP; by the end of the day, the number of products manufactured is already recorded in your ERP. Thanks to our solution, your data is integrated and accessible in real time! Contact us and take advantage of our intelligent tools.

tableau de bordReal-time Dashboards

What if you could gain access to your production 24/7? Our dashboards allow you to monitor your operations in real time, no matter where you are. Don’t wait for tomorrow’s report; stay abreast of problems and failures and take corrective action immediately! Our solution can even send text or email notifications the moment an event occurs, such as a spike in energy usage or machine downtime. This allows you to take immediate action and minimize impacts. Monitoring the safety of your production will give you true peace of mind. With our dashboards, you can not only access your company’s performance indicators in real time; you can also track events right down to a specific date and time. Look to Hulix for access to your data in the here and now.

Prepare to reap the benefits

monsieurSpecifically designed with business performance optimization in mind, our solutions are major assets in the achievement of your business objectives, no matter the size of your organization.

With nothing but advantages, our solutions offer the following benefits:

Improved decision making

We give you a list of avenues to explore, you pick the right direction for you.

Access to information

We enable data collection, you stay informed.

Reduce human error

We optimize data entry, you increase quality.

Increased productivity

We help to diagnose, you increase efficiency.

Lower production costs

We give you the tools, you reduce costs.

Increased profits

We offer the technology, you reap the rewards.

Better production management

We identify the problems, you bring in the solutions.